The Mike Donnell Band is an American country band formed in Houston, Texas in 2013. The group consists of Mike Donnell (guitar, vocals), Adrian "STX" Santacruz (bass), Zach Sample (drums), and Nelson Baradat (guitar).


Originally beginning as a southern rock powerhouse after Mike served a tour of duty over seas, Mike made an immediate impact on the acoustic scene with free shows and open mic’s in the Houston area. Not long after, Mike started a Houston Rock band called Fighting Gemini.


Eventually FG emerged as one of the most popular rock bands in Houston Texas. After 4 years Mike found himself writing more and more of his passion. Country music was calling his name so he began to look for musicians. After many tough auditions, Mike recruited like-minded artists Zach Sample on drums, and Adrian STX on bass, and Nelson Baradat as lead guitar.


After setting a name for themselves and building an excellent reputation, the band found themselves going back to their roots. Quickly setting fire to the Texas country scene, the Mike Donnell Band is a growing name, currently in the process of promoting their album, "Feels So Right".


While putting his love for music on hold and protecting America ’s freedom, Mike found a guitar in a house that was taken over by US forces in Iraq and re-claimed his passion. With a little bit of time, stubbornness, and the Internet, he once again began to rock his musical ability to the fullest; taking his passion and talent to the public.


After several years of banging on pots and pans and making beats on whatever he could find, his parents finally bought him his first kit at age 11. Since then drums have been one of the most important things in his life.


As the years have passed by, STX has gained a wealth of musical knowledge and experience. Beginning at 4 years old when he first began learning violin, he has come a long way since then. Performing with various instruments and  in a variety of genres


Hailing from an island in the Caribbean! He picked up a guitar in 2001 at age 14 and never dropped it since - spent many sleepless nights playing in his apartment in order to master his craft. Inspired by many different genres of music, learned to play different styles, and enjoys playing with other musicians and entertain fans everywhere.